Kubér to target independent retailers

May 06, 2008

Kubér Manufacturing's new "Precision Redefined" ad campaign. New York—Fine-jewelry manufacturer Kubér Manufacturing Inc. will launch a new brand identity and advertising campaign this summer in an effort to reach middle-tier and guild independent jewelers.

The company has retained advertising firm Wheeler and Co. to create the company's "Precision Redefined" campaign, which will focus on Kubér's proprietary stone-setting and alloy-annealing techniques.

"The goal is to own 'precision' in the minds of today's jewelry business," Wheeler and Co. President Ben Wheeler said in a media release. "Most manufacturers have very little to say about quality and why they can deliver a better value to the retailer. Kubér is the exception...[it] has a higher standard than what the industry is accustomed to."

The campaign will use a dynamic call-and-answer technique, with Kubér posing the statement "Precision Is..." amid a variety of fine-jewelry designs and followed with answers such as "Never Having to Compromise" and substantive points of difference such as "Value Beyond Expectations," "Timely Delivery and Service" and "Proprietary Manufacturing Technology."

"Ben Wheeler, founder of Wheeler and Co., recognized the unique attributes of Kubér's manufacturing techniques and built a dynamic campaign around our special manufacturing skills and that enables us to create beautiful diamond, colored-stone jewelry and bridal suites that provide our customers' with an industry-leading low incidence of returns due to lost or cracked stones," Kubér Founder and President Basant Johari said. "We have developed an excellent business reputation selling to the majors and we are now looking to rollout our jewelry distribution into the middle-tier and guild independents, many of whom don't have the facilities to test for the quality-control levels that we routinely exceed with the majors."

Kubér's Precision Redefined campaign is being integrated into direct mail, catalogs, flyers and tradeshow booth graphics, and will be used in the company's co-op advertising materials and retail point-of-sale displays later this year.

For more information about Kubér Manufacturing, visit its Web site, Kuber.kwebmaker.com.

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